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Growlers let you bring fresh, straight-from-the-tap Hangar 24 draught beer with you wherever you go. There’s a reason everyone loves them- you’re bottling up the Tasting Room experience to bring home and share with family and friends, or to enjoy while making new ones. Trust us, walking into a party or event with a full growler or two is a great way to be a craft beer hero.

We can fill your Hangar 24 Growler with almost any beer on tap at the brewery. Please bring your Hangar 24 growler clean and ready to fill or purchase one right at the brewery. Currently we are only able to fill our own, Hangar 24 branded growlers- not growlers from other breweries. Beers on tap can vary daily, so call ahead to ensure availability if you’ve got your eye on something specific.

Orange Wheat $11.00 $6.00
Betty IPA $12.00 $7.00
Alt-Bier Amber Ale $11.00 $6.00
Amarillo Pale Ale $11.00 $6.00
Helles Lager $11.00 $6.00
Chocolate Porter $13.50 $7.50
Double IPA $15.00 $8.00
Seasonal Releases $12.00 $7.00
Local Fields Releases $15.00 $8.00

Growler FAQ:

How long will the beer in my growler stay fresh?

As long as your growler is kept refrigerated and unopened, your beer should remain fresh for up to 6 weeks. (Really though, will you be able to resist it for that long?) Once opened, enjoy your beer within hours for maximum freshness.

How should I clean my growler?

After you’ve polished off your growler, rinse it out with hot water as soon as possible. Soap is not recommended as it will leave a residue, and unless you’re conducting a science experiment, be sure to leave the growler top open so the inside can dry!

If I don’t use soap, is my growler really sanitary?

We sanitize your growler here in the tasting room before we fill it. But sanitizer does just that, it sanitizes. It doesn’t necessarily remove debris or residue, so make sure you’ve done your part to avoid those things. Debris and/or residue in a growler = a lot of foam and off tasting beer.


We’re bottling beer every single day, often through the night. This beer gets sent out across California, Arizona, and Nevada, but the very freshest bottles can always be found here at the source. Availability of packaged beer can vary. Please call ahead to confirm availability.

6-PACKS Price* 22oz BOMBERS Price*
Orange Wheat $8.98 Orange Wheat $4.12
Betty IPA $9.91 Betty IPA $5.51
Alt-Bier Amber Ale $8.98 Chocolate Porter $6.44
Amarillo Pale Ale $8.98 Double IPA $7.36
Seasonal Releases $8.98 Local Fields Releases $7.36
BOTTLE 12-PACKS Price* CAN 12-PACKS Price*
Orange Wheat $17.96 Orange Wheat $16.57
Seasonal Mixed Crate $17.96 Helles Lager $16.57

*Prices do not include Tax or CRV


If you want to celebrate the good times in true craft beer style, kegs are the way to do it. Bring 5 or more gallons of fresh draught beer to an event or into your home and start working on that invite list. You can hook our kegs up to a home kegerator, or borrow a hand-pump from us for a small deposit. Give us a call ahead of time as availability of some kegs may vary!

Most offerings will be available to the public in 1/6 barrels (5 gallons), 1/4 barrels (7.75 gallons) and 1/2 barrels (15.5 gallons). All keg orders should be reserved at least 2 days in advance. Dispensing equipment can also be rented.

KEG PRICING 1/2 BBL* 1/4 BBL* 1/6 BBL*
Orange Wheat $164.00 $100.20 $78.00
Betty IPA $175.00 $106.90 $83.20
Alt-Bier Amber Ale $164.00 $100.20 $78.00
Amarillo Pale Ale $164.00 $100.20 $78.00
Helles Lager $164.00 $100.20 $78.00
Chocolate Porter $185.00 $112.90 $88.00
Double IPA $215.00 $131.00 $102.20
Seasonal Releases $175.00 $106.90 $83.20

*Prices do not include Tax

Keg Sizes:

1/2 BBL 1/4 BBL* 1/6 BBL
15.5 Gallons 7.75 Gallons 5.16 Gallons
120 - 16oz Pours 60 - 16oz Pours 40 - 16oz Pours
160 - 12oz Pours 80 - 12oz Pours 55 - 12oz Pours

*Availability of 1/4 BBL kegs is very limited

Keg Rental FAQ:

How do I tap my keg?

  1. Place the keg where you’d like to serve it from and let it settle for a while. For best results, make sure it’s chilled. (Warm beer = foam)
  2. Remove the plastic cap on top of the keg.
  3. Unless you’re looking for a beer shower, make sure the tap is not engaged. Line up the notches on the tap with the hole on top of the keg.
  4. Apply a bit of downward pressure and “screw” the tap into the top of the keg by turning clockwise and then engage the lever.
  5. Grab a clean (preferably scratch free) glass and start pourin’. (You won’t need to pump much, if at all before your first pour since the keg is already under a great deal of pressure.)
  6. No matter how carefully you’ve followed the directions above, your first pint + will be foamy.

What if my keg is excessively foamy?

Your first few pours from a keg will always be foamy; however, it should mellow out to nice pours shortly thereafter. If you experience excessive foam, first, make sure that both your keg and tap are chilled to the appropriate serving temperature. Warm beer = foam. Also make sure that there is not too much pressure in the tap. Over-pumping is all too common and definitely unnecessary. A perfectly poured pint should take about 10+ seconds to fill. Patience is a virtue and makes for better beer pours.



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