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The Barrel Roll Membership Club is your chance to become part of an entire year of Hangar 24's most off-the-wall, creative beers, as our barrel-aging program continues to expand. This year we'll be increasing the number of memberships, the length of the pickup window, and offering a membership card. We have some very wild stuff sitting in barrels here in Redlands, and our club members will be the first (and often the only) people to try some of the most unique beers we've ever dreamt up. As one of our Barrel Roll Club members, you'll receive one of each of our Barrel Roll beers, including public and Club Exclusive releases. You'll also get to skip waiting in line on release days or furiously refreshing websites to attempt to get limited releases! It's going to be an exciting year of beer.

Here are the full details:

  • Membership to the Barrel Roll Club is $300 (plus online fees) and includes at LEAST $300 in beer throughout the course of the year.
  • Membership for Year Three is limited to only 500 people.
  • A box will be waiting for you each quarter, for pick up from our Tasting Room within two months by you or a designated proxy.
  • At first pickup in December, you will receive a membership card that will be used at all following pickups to verify your membership by either you or your proxy. No need to update your proxy throughout the year- just give your card to whoever will be picking up your box.
  • In each box will be all major Barrel Roll releases from that quarter and at least one club-exclusive Special Release beer.
  • Every beer included throughout the year will be barrel-aged, and some quarters will include brand-new sour releases as well.
  • Based upon the quantity of bottles released, we will set aside a portion of each non-exclusive release for the club members to purchase ahead of the public sale.
  • Members will receive periodic emails with an inside look at the creation of their beers each quarter, offering a chance to delve deeper into the creativity and work that goes into the barrel-aging process.

If you have any questions about the club,
shoot us an email at!


2016 Pugachev's Cobra

750ml Bottle • ABV 13.8% • IBU 85

Get ready for an assault on your senses with Pugachev's Cobra, an intense Russian Imperial Stout. This rich, black beer pours with a thick caramel head bursting with aromas of chocolate, vanilla, oak, bourbon, licorice and dark fruits, while flavors of chocolate-covered plum, sweet malt, bourbon, and roasted coffee explode on your palate. This is no ordinary beer; three different dark roasted malts and rich maple syrup are combined in a truly unique brewing process to create complexity and depth. Once fermented, Pugachev's Cobra is aged for eight months in freshly emptied bourbon barrels. This powerful concoction is designed to be enjoyed now with friends or cellared to perfection and savored in the years to come.

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Pugachev Royale

330ml Bottle • ABV 14.3% • IBU 85

Pugachev Royale, the next chapter in our Barrel Roll series, is an even bolder take on the dark, rich flavors of Pugachev's Cobra. After eight months of aging in bourbon barrels, loaded with cacao nibs and vanilla beans, Royale is transferred to Brandy barrels to extend its depth over an additional ten months. When ready, Royale displayes sweet, ripe fruit notes doused with incredible chocolate aromatics, all folded into the signature Cobra character you've come to expect.

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Pugachev’s Smoked Maple

750ml Bottle • ABV 13.8% • IBU 85

Some of life’s most pleasurable experiences are the aroma of sweet maple in the crisp evening air, the smell of a home-cooked breakfast or a recently stoked Maplewood fire. Dark as midnight, this beer draws you in with the sweet, musky aroma of Applewood, vanilla and chocolate while captivating the pallet with a smoky character, balanced by the sweetness of maple syrup, roasted coffee and vanilla.  Complex in nature, the maple syrup was smoked using a variety of smoking woods – including apple and white oak staves from barrels previously filled with barrel aged beer. Only then was it carefully added to a select blend of Pugachev’s Cobra already resting to perfection in bourbon barrels. Velvet-bodied, this finely crafted beer was developed to meet the expectations of the most discerning barrel-aged beer aficionado, but easily enjoyed with the best of family and friends.

Pugachev’s Rum

12oz. Bottle • ABV 12.9% • IBU 85

Laced with the sweet aroma of rum that permeates the air on a white sand beach in the Caribbean, Pugachev’s Rum is ideal to enjoy while relaxing with friends.  This barrel-aged brew is the edge of paradise, offering expressive aromas of cocoa and dark fruit.  Richly colored from the variant of malts and time spent in St. Croix rum barrels, this beer’s flavor is complex - hints of chocolate, muscovado, licorice and molasses pleasantly remind one of a complex barrel aged Russian Imperial stout.  Brewed with a blend of specialty malts and maple syrup, this velvet-bodied beer takes barrel-aging to the next level, one you won’t want to miss.

Pugachev Brewer's Select

12oz Bottle • ABV 14.3%

An epic blend of the first-ever Pugachev’s Brewer’s Select. Our brewers have hand-selected their favorite barrel aged Pugachev’s Cobra to bring you an extraordinary barrel-aged experience. This ebony colored brew offers aromas of dark fruit and warm honey combined with the eloquently blended flavors of roasted malts, vanilla and cocoa. The Pugachev heritage plays a critical role in defining the flavor and complexity of this beer. Four different style barrels; port, wheat whiskey, rye whiskey and 25-year old bourbon used in previous Puga releases work together to create a rich, complex blend of aromas and flavors like no other. Finally, Brewer’s Select finishes its life in brandy barrels which adds complexity and an entirely new dimension to this barrel-aged beer’s experience.


12oz Bottle • ABV 6.6%

Who can resist a bowl of freshly picked cherries? Cherry-Oh! captures the spirit of this refreshing fruit with its mild-carbonation, tawny-colored appearance and pleasing aroma of cherries and stone fruits. Refreshingly tart, this cherry sour ale also offers delicate notes of hazelnut, which intriguingly drasw you in for another sip. Using a blend of four malts and tart cherries, this light-bodied beer has been aged gracefully with Morello Cherries in Sauvignon Blanc barrels for a period of 18 months and emerges ready to greet your pallet a cheery, Cherry-Oh!

Sweet Gratitude

12oz. Bottle • ABV 11.8% • IBU 44

Gifts of food and fruit are an endearing way to one’s heart and both are often given to friends and family. Sweet Gratitude is an orange-vanilla Double-Cream Stout and an ode to friends, family and well wishes. After 10 months, this beer emerges from brandy barrels with the notable, aromatic bouquet  reminiscent of candied orange peels, a hint of chocolate, vanilla and coffee. Munich, English Pale Chocolate and English roasted barley are married with Madagascar vanilla bean and fresh orange zest to give this beer a rich, roasted, fruity complexity– one that will engage your senses leaving you feeling grateful.

Details coming soon, sign up to be the first to know!

Details coming soon, sign up to be the first to know!

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