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Hangar 24 3rd Annual Homebrew Competition Winners

May 14, 2012

A huge thank you and congratulations to all of the entrants in our 3rd Annual Homebrew Competition. We tasted over 300 beers on Saturday and so many of them were great! We are also so grateful for our judges and steward volunteers. This competition wouldn’t happen without you – thank you.

…..and the winners are:

Category 1: Light Lager
Gold: Dan Eastwood – “Lager Logger” – Standard American Lager
Silver: Scott Satterthwaite – “Helles 838” – Munich Helles
Bronze: Jim Jorgensen – “Munich Helles” – Munich Helles

Category 2: Pilsner
Gold: Brad Nixon – “Crown Town Pilsner” – German Pilsner
Silver: Mike Arbogast – “Glucklich Pils” – German Pilsner
Bronze: Steve Keefe – “German Girl” – German Pilsner

Category 3: European Amber Lager
Gold: Jim Jorgensen – “Vienna Lager” – Vienna Lager
Silver: Scott Satterthwaite – “DG’s Marzen 820” – Oktoberfest
Bronze: Brad Nixon – “Modelo Rojo” – Vienna Lager

Category 4: Dark Lager

Gold: Mike Shoemaker – “Munich Dunkel” – Munich Dunkel
Silver: Scott Satterthwaite – “Schwarz of Wisdom 820” – Schwarzbier
Bronze: Dan Berisford – “Dark Matter” – Schwarzbier

Category 5: Bock
Gold: Jim Jorgensen – “Jims db db” – Doppelbock
Silver: Janet Shoemaker – “Doppelbock” – Doppelbock
Bronze: Jim Jorgensen – “Maibock” – Maibock/Helles Boc

Category 6: Light Hybrid Beer
Gold: Sean Frates – “Cream Ale” – Cream Ale
Silver: Al Trevisan – “Granddad’s Kolsch” – Kolsch
Bronze: Pete Heringer – “SWO Kolsch” – Kolsch

Category 7: Amber Hybrid Beer
Gold: James Hilbing – “Cat’s Paw Common Ale” – California Common Beer
Silver: Jim Dodgen – “Mountain Common” – California Common Beer
Bronze: David Murray – “Alt Rte” – Dusseldorf Altbier

Category 8: English Pale Ale
Gold: Stephen Setran – “Dreaded ESB” – ESB
Silver: Pete Heringer – “SWO Special Bitter” – Premium Bitter
Bronze: Jonathan Smith – “Fuggles Bunny” – ESB

Category 9: Scottish & Irish Ale
Gold: Hal Ward – “80 Shilling” – 80 Shilling Ale
Silver: James Hilbing, Mike Truman, Kurt Rump – “Wee Heavy #2” – Strong Scotch Ale
Bronze: Wes Snodgrass “Irish Red Ale” – Irish Red Ale

Category 10: American Ale
Gold: Paul Happach – “Big Bill Brown” – American Brown Ale
Silver: Ryan Truax – “Pacific Pale-isades” – American Pale Ale
Bronze: Jerry Marshall – “Red Eye” – American Amber Ale

Category 11: English Brown Ale

Gold: Brock Hall – “Little Hobo” – Mild
Silver: Mike Snellings – “Dirty Brown Ale” – Northern English Brown
Bronze: Jerry Marshall – “English Brown Ale” – Northern English Brown

Category 12: Porter
Gold: Lance Shipman – “Baltic Porter” – Baltic Porter
Bronze: Bob Reynolds & Ryan McHugh – “Whisker Dip” – Robust Porter

Category 13: Stout
Gold: James Hilbing – “Imperial Stout #4” – Russian Imperial Stout
Silver: Brian McCauley – “Domestic Import Stout” – Foreign Export Stout
Bronze: Jeff Stark – “Root Down” – Russian Imperial Stout

Category 14: India Pale Ale
Gold: Pete Heringer – “SWO India Pale Ale” – American IPA
Silver: Roger Lawler – “Thor’s Happy Hammer” – Imperial IPA
Bronze: Stan Hydinger – “Axis I-IPA” – American IPA

Category 15: German Wheat & Rye Ale
Gold: Jonathan Leventhal – “Holzfaller” – Dunkelweizen
Silver: Brad McCauley – “Hefe-Rye-Zen” – Weizen/Weissbier
Bronze: Erick Villar – “Weiz-Azz” – Weizen/Weissbier

Category 16: Belgian & French Ale
Gold: Scott Gaastra – “Half-Wit” – Witbier
Silver: James Hilbing – “Multi-Grain Tripel” – Belgian Specialty Ale
Bronze: Vincent Presogna – “Easter 2011 Farmhouse Ale” – Belgian Specialty Ale

Category 17: Sour Ale
Silver: Chris Anderson – “Peche Lambic” – Fruit Lambic

Category 18: Belgian Strong Ale

Gold: Jake MacDonald – “Cross Country” – Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Silver: Dan Eastwood – “Horny Blonde” – Belgian Blond Ale
Bronze: James Hilbing – “Belgian Blond #6” – Belgian Blond Ale

Category 19: Strong Ale

Gold: James Hilbing – “Old Ale” – Old Ale
Silver: Phil May & Matt Irmscher – “Clueless Bastard” – American Barleywine
Bronze: Ramiro Vejar – “Damned Strong Ale” – American Barleywine

Category 20: Fruit Beer
Gold: Jeff Shultz & Ben McDaniel – “Schwartwalder Porter” – Porter w/ Cherry & Cacao
Silver: Wes Snodgrass – “Watermelon Wheat” – Wheat Beer w/ Watermelon & Orange Peel
Bronze: Laura McCabe-Patke – “Orange Cranberry Wheat” – Wheat Beer w/ Orange & Cranberry Extract

Category 21: Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer
Gold: Ryan Markley – “Monster Breakfast” – Russian Imperial Stout w/ Coffee
Silver: Robert Hemphill – “Fresca Cerveza” – Ale w/ Cilantro, Garlic, Serrano & Lime
Bronze: Al Trevisan – “Green Chile Blonde Ale” – Blonde Ale w/ Agave Nectar & Green Chile

Category 22: Smoke Flavored/Wood-Aged Beer
Gold: Kyle Weniger – “Rauch The Casbah” – Rauchbier
Silver: Ralf Gottshalk – “Dragon’s Blood” – Wood-Aged Beer
Bronze: Andy Bergsma – “Dark Side of Mars” – Wood-Aged Beer

Category 23: Specialty Beer
Gold: Jeremy Hynd & Steve Rosolio – “Ale of the 7Cs” – East India Porter
Silver: David Bartlett – “Columbus IPA” – IPA w/ Trappist Yeast
Bronze: Chris Anderson – “West Coast Tripel” – Belgian Tripel w/ American Hops & Agave Nectar

Best of Show
1st: Jake MacDonald – “Cross Country” – Belgian Dark Strong Ale
2nd: Brad Nixon – “Crown Town Pilsner” – German Pilsner
3rd: James Hilbing – “Old Ale” – Old Ale

Jake will be invited to brew his winning recipe here at Hangar 24 with our team and the beer will be sent off to the GABF (Great American Beer Festival) competition in October and will be entered in the Pro-Am category. We’ll keep you posted!

Score sheets and medals will be available for pickup at the brewery until Sunday, May 27. After that, anything not picked up will be mailed back to contestants.

Until next year, Cheers!


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