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2015 Homebrew Competition Winners!

June 29, 2015

Congratulations to the winning homebrewers from this year’s Hangar 24 Homebrew Competition, and thanks to everyone who was able to make it out to the awards ceremony this past Saturday! Jaclyn Sweet took home the “Best of Show” honors with her Backyard Blonde, a Gruit-style ale which we will be brewing ourselves once we can confirm the recipe with Jaclyn.

Here are the winners in each category:

Best of Show

BOS: Jaclyn Sweet – “Backyard Blonde” – Gruit

1st Runner Up: Michael Weals – “Walk the Line” – Robust Porter

2nd Runner Up: Nick Corona – “Joey’s IPA” – American IPA

Category 1: Light Lager

Gold: Miles McLennan – “LR Helles Lager” – Munich Helles

Silver: Jonathan Kissinger – Taste Great, Less Filling” – American Premium Lager

Bronze: Jonathan Kissinger – “Three Frogs Rest in Peace” – American Standard Lager

Category 2: Pilsner

Gold: Kent Shultz – “Kent’s Pils” – German Pils

Silver: Jonathan Kissinger – “Mr Hoppy Weiser” – Classic American Pils

Bronze: Jonathan Kissinger – “Mr Pils” – German Pils

Category 3: European Amber Lager

Gold: Jim Dodgen – “Octosmash” – Oktoberfest/Marzen

Silver: Nick Corona – “Joey’s European Conquest” – Vienna Lager

Bronze: Robert Hemphill – “Oh Vienna #89” – Vienna Lager

Category 4: Dark Lager

Gold: Juan Higuera – “Kaffee Schwarz” – Schwarzbier

Silver: Robert Hemphill – “Zen Dunkel #98” – Munich Dunkel

Bronze: Robert Hemphill – “Dark Pills #95” – Schwarzbier

Category 5: Bock

Gold: Brad Nixon – “Bock Steady” – Traditional Bock

Silver: Robert Hemphill – “Estoppel Doppel #86” – Doppelbock

Bronze: Carsten Piepel – “#28 BCS Angel Wings” – Maibock

Category 6: Light Hybrid Beer

Gold: Stewart Holl – “*Kolsch” – Kolsch

Silver: Mike Snellings – “Stymie Ale” – American Wheat Ale

Bronze: Brad Nixon – “Cream Ale” – Cream Ale

Category 7: Amber Hybrid Beer

Gold: Jim Dodgen – “Mt. Common” – California Common

Silver: Michael Weals – “Common Havoc” – California Common

Bronze: Paul Happach – “Los Guys’ Steamer” – California Common

Category 8: English Pale Ale

Gold: Scott Satterthwaite – “Bitterman’s 013” – Standard/Ordinary Bitter

Silver: Nick Corona – “Joey’s Never Bitter” – Standard/Ordinary Bitter

Bronze: Not Awarded

Category 9: Scottish & Irish Ale

Gold: Kent Shultz – “Nightcap” – Strong Scotch Ale

Silver: Jim Jorgensen – “Eamon’s Ale” – Irish Red Ale

Bronze: Not Awarded

Category 10: American Ale

Gold: Michael Usher – “Kimbo’s Red Lipstick” – American Amber Ale

Silver: Matt Shortway – “InShore Slam” – American Pale Ale

Bronze: Jesse Cancel – “Thai Stick APA” – American Pale Ale

Category 11: English Brown Ale

Gold: Ryan Sather – “Awww Nuts!!” – Northern English Brown

Silver: Jim Dodgen – “Mild Dark” – Mild

Bronze: Not Awarded

Category 12: Porter

Gold: Michael Weals – “Walk the Line” – Robust Porter

Silver: Jeff Tudor – “JT’s Brown Porter” – Brown Porter

Bronze: Jason Dunn – “Pitfall Porter” – Brown Porter

Category 13: Stout

Gold: Ramiro Vejar – “Piled Up Stout” – Foreign Extra Stout

Silver: Jaclyn Sweet – “Jac’s Foreign Extra Stout” – Foreign Extra Stout

Bronze: Jerry Marshall – “Imperial Stout” – Russian Imperial Stout

Category 14: India Pale Ale

Gold: Nick Corona – “Joey’s IPA” – American IPA

Silver: Ian Hay – “The Garrison” – English IPA

Bronze: Jim Jorgensen – “Hop Rub DIPA” – Imperial IPA

Category 15: German Wheat & Rye Ale

Gold: Nick Corona – “Joey’s Half of Bison” – Weizen/Weissbier

Silver: Van Ramsey – “Hefeweizen” – Weizen/Weissbier

Bronze: Eric DeBellis – “Hop-o-Weizen” – Weizen/Weissbier

Category 16: Belgian & French Ale

Gold: Jesse Cancel – “American Table Ale” – Saison

Silver: Rob Sullivan – “Ferme la biere” – Saison

Bronze: Scott Satterthwaite – “Saison 566” – Saison

Category 17: Sour Ale

Gold: Stephan Setran – “Spottswoods Perpetuum” – Gueuze

Silver: Eric Shelley – “Wall Breaker” – Berliner Weisse

Bronze: Stephan Setran – “Spottswoode Prickly” – Fruit Lambic

Category 18: Belgian Strong Ale

Gold: Whittaker Mathot – “Canaille” – Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Silver: Whittaker Mathot – “Dame Blonde” – Belgian Blond Ale

Bronze: David Belicki – “Tripel Play” – Belgian Tripel

Category 19: Strong Ale

Gold: Ramiro Vejar – “IGCB Dammed Strong Ale” – American Barleywine

Silver: Ryan Ross – “Cloud Nine” – American Barleywine

Bronze: Todd Chapman & Brent Brubaker – “Doggie Paws” – American Barleywine

Category 20: Fruit Beer

Gold: Eric DeBellis – “Grapefruit IPL” – Grapefruit IPL

Silver: Allen Holm – “Cordial Cherry Stout” – Sweet Stout w/ Cherry & Lactose

Bronze: Arman Sanaryan – “Cherry Wit” – Belgian Wit w/ Cherry Juice

Category 21: Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer

Gold: Jim & Brian Grant – “Scratching Post Vanilla Imperial Porter” – Porter w/ Vanilla Bean

Silver: Greg Pleiss – “Holiday Ale 4.0” – Winter Specialty

Bronze: Jesse Cancel – “Thai Zombie Holiday” – Pale Ale w/ Chamomile & Kafir Lime

Category 22: Smoke Flavored/Wood-Aged Beer

Gold: Robert Hemphill – “36% Fourth Hand Smoke #90” – Classic Rauchbier

Silver: Jerry Marshall – “Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Ale” – Old Ale aged in Bourbon Barrel

Bronze: Daniel Hallila – “PTW” – Strong Ale w/ Oak

Category 23: Specialty Beer

Gold: Jaclyn Sweet – “Backyard Blonde” – Gruit

Silver: David Radomski & David Smith – “Arrogant Bastard Clone” – American Strong Ale

Bronze: David Barone – “Red Ryeder IPA” – Rye IPA

Sours Release & Club Pickup Day – Saturday 6/27

June 22, 2015

Barrel Roll Club Members and sour beer lovers- mark your calendars for Saturday, June 27th!

9am: Bottle Sale & Barrel Roll Club Pickup Begins
11am: Tasting Room Opens, bottle pours of new sours available while supplies last
2-5pm: Live music from The Sedans
5pm: Homebrew Winners Announced & Medal Ceremony
7-10pm: Live music from Quetzal Guerrero

Now then… onto the brand new beers!

“First Crush” – Sour Red Ale Aged in Red Wine Barrels with Syrah Grape Juice – 750ml – 2300 bottles

Winemakers often refer to their harvest as “The Crush,” a reference to their process of literally crushing the juice from freshly harvested grapes. We’ve borrowed this term for “First Crush,” the very first beer we’ve ever blended from our stock of Syrah wine barrels filled with sour red ale. A mix of 18 month old barrels build complex base flavors of funk and oak, and the addition of Syrah grape juice after primary fermentation adds vinous, tannic notes of red wine, ripe fruit and leather. First Crush is ready to enjoy now, but will continue to evolve in your cellar for many years.

• $20 – 750mL Bottle (No limit)
• $8 – 8oz pour
• $3 – 3 oz pour

“Sanguinello” – Sour blonde aged in white wine barrels with blood orange juice – 330ml – 1200 bottles

Sanguinello is the name given to a variety of blood oranges, drawing on the deep crimson and ruby color of the citrus flesh. For Sanguinello the beer we sourced blood oranges locally, squeezing the fresh juice into Sauvignon Blanc barrels which held nine and eighteen month old sour blonde ale. The resulting beer is a beautiful hazy pink, balancing the tart base beer with the aromatics of citrus. We recommend enjoying the delicate fruit notes of Sanguinello fresh.

• 1 Bottle Limit per person
• $15 – 330mL Bottle
• $15 – 11oz pour
• $5 – 3oz pour

Barrel Roll Club Members: You’ve got one of each tucked into your Q3 box, which will be ready to pick up this day. Check your email for pickup instructions!

We’ll have some extra treats and beer pours available on the 27th, so stay tuned to this event page to keep updated as we post more info.

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