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Amber Saison

Amber Saison is a Belgian-Style Ale featuring complex, yeast-derived esters and phenolics with nice background maltiness and a low bitterness. The special yeast used in brewing this beer creates flavors of spices, notably nutmeg and clove and bright fruit notes to accompany. An element of malt sweetness comes in to balance the yeast notes. The beer finishes with a bright carbonation and a crisp dryness.

Additional Information:

The Saison style originated in the France/Belgian border region of Wallonia. Saison is not a single style, but more a family of beers. They were originally made in small farmhouse breweries and could vary greatly in color & flavor from farm to farm. The word “saison” means “season” in French and Saison beers were usually brewed seasonally and used as payment & fortification for seasonal farm laborers known as “saisonnaires”. Many of the original Saison beers were produced in conditions that allowed wild yeasts to colonize them and impart flavors. These Brettanomyces yeasts are now being used by modern brewers to help replicate some of the flavors of the past. We age our Amber Saison in oak barrels with added Brettanomyces for a special fall release in our Barrel Roll Series that we call Falling Leaf. Be on the lookout for it in late October 2012!

Alcohol Content: 6.6%
IBU: 19
Glass Type: Tulip
Serving Temperature: 45º fahrenheit
Food Pairing: Plank-grilled Salmon Steak, Pad Thai, Gruyere Cheese
Beer Rating: (Not posted yet)

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